The Artisan And Originality

One of the most enduring age old, not how did it all begin, equally valid but no, the question is..... what is original? What makes something unique and individual? Is there anything truly unique and original? Actually the inquest into originality raises more questions than answers, maybe even unanswerable ones.....maybe the answers are hidden in the fundamentals of the universe....who knew the question of originality could go so deep?

Argentium Sterling Silver, What It Is, Why We Use It And Why You Will Love It

In the beginning.....there was sterling silver, plain ole sterling, one of the metals many of us got our start on but that's not the whole story. Over the years we gradually replaced the old standard .925 with .935 Argentium sterling. The reason, it has properties that regular .925 doesn't, and those aspects makes the Artisan jeweler happy. Unfortunately there are those that are confused about Argentium if not a little hesitant to purchase Argentium jewelry, the reason.... people just don't know.

Our Journey

Our journey has been a long and winding one. The love and beauty of adornment has been with us for quite some time. It was 2007 when we began our creative journey in earnest, Completely self taught, we learned the ropes of creating a handmade business from the ground up and developed our skills as artists along the way.