Our Journey

Our journey has been a long and winding one. The love and beauty of adornment has been with us for quite some time. It was 2007 when we began our creative journey in earnest, Completely self taught, we learned the ropes of creating a handmade business from the ground up and developed our skills as artists along the way.


From the spark of an idea to its fruition, our jewelry is a completely handmade process with no part of our work outsourced. We take great satisfaction breathing life into our designs from the very moment we conceived of them, to putting them on paper, to the process of hand fabricating every detail. Our designs are constantly evolving and changing as we take inspiration from shapes, textures, the world/universe and the beauty of the materials themselves. As artists this is our way.


Traditional metalsmithing techniques along with our own innovations form the core of our processes which include a great deal of hand work, brazing, welding, sawing, forging, shaping, texturing, etc. Our love of metals particularly the warmth of copper and it's alloys brass and bronze, along with silver, and a myriad of stones, semi precious, glass, and earthy materials form the basis of our creative palate.


We hope you find the perfect pieces of jewelry.


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