The Artisan And Originality

One of the most enduring age old, not how did it all begin, equally valid but no, the question is..... what is original? What makes something unique and individual? Is there anything truly unique and original? Actually the inquest into originality raises more questions than answers, maybe even unanswerable ones.....maybe the answers are hidden in the fundamentals of the universe....who knew the question of originality could go so deep? This is a very important question, not simply from a intellectual standpoint, one that often intersects these days with copyright, intellectual property and the operation of one's business and creative endeavors. As an artist and creator, being individual and unique in the creative process is fundamental. Being true to ones self and to the larger community of creators is a requisite for a meaningful and fulfilling creative life and successful business.

Many artisans feel deeply aggrieved when they perceive someone's appropriation of creative expression or design they feel ownership of. This is the natural outgrowth of our inherent sense of individuality and appropriation of the world as our own. The truth however, is that individual inspiration and creation comes from many places and sometimes other artisans, this is the way of life and creativity. We are a product of the world, we cannot create without touching on something that exists or has existed. This does not mean to suggest that genuinely individual ideas and manifestations are somehow just an accumulation or aggregation of rote parts, instead Original ideas, unique creations are a synthesis of what is possible. Many times as an artist or designer we have a light bulb moment where we clearly apprehend the fleeting image of a new design, to discover great similarities in another's concept later on. We strive to be as 'original' as possible while acknowledging that the most likely fundamental reality is that nothing is truly original, the quantum hologram, a vast multidimensional sea of probability and possibility, everything resides there and from it our creations emerge. And most of all, enjoy the creative journey.

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