Queen Of Heart Earrings - Verdigris Large Brass Earrings, Funky, Soulful Metalsmith Boho Jewelry That Makes A Statement


Make a statement with these large heart earrings with a vibrant verdigris finish. Handcrafted from bronze and brass stock and hand patinaed a colorful green . The green contrasts beautiful with the bright bronze hammered ring, rivets and ear wires. Sure to be noticed as they sway with every movement. *Finish is lacquered to aid in preserving the color. 18 gauge bronze ear wires are just a tiny bit thicker than standard 20 gauge are best suited for those accustomed to wearing earrings.

3" long
hearts measure 1.25" wide
please allow for subtle variation between pairs...the beauty of handmade

*please note...be careful not to get hair products on the finish...always make sure hands are clean and dry and void of beauty products as they could harm the finish.