Phoenix Earrings, Mythological Extra Large Mixed Metal Bird Earrings


A true statement pair of earrings, extra large disks in distressed copper featuring the fabled phoenix bird in sterling silver. A definite bohemian vibe with these head turning earrings that deliver a feeling of empowerment, not for the shy of heart. The texture adds to the ancient look of these while detailing on the Phoenix adds interest. The ring at the top adds the final adornment and they are suspended by 18 gauge ear wires, suitable for those accustomed to wearing earrings. Oxidation provides depth, enhances the texture and adds to the overall ancient look of these. Large, but surprisingly not heavy and comfortable enough to wear for extended lengths of time. A great pair for the free spirited soulful woman who enjoys rich adornments with meaning. Only two pairs created so far...allow for subtle variation the beauty of handmade.

The phoenix has its origins in ancient Greek mythology with various meanings but generally one of rebirth or regeneration from its own ashes.

A touch oveer 2.5" long x a touch over 2" wide.

weight - under 10 grams each earring