Long Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Earrings, Iridescent Bohemian Statement Earrings


An exotic pair of silver earrings with iridescent freshwater pearls in an evening star shape. The ornate vintage sterling silver triangles come from Rajasthan and we've had them for many years waiting for just the right embellishment to come along...the iridescent pearls were just the ticket. The pearls are just beautiful but the camera fails to capture them adequately, they have a color play of mauve, purple, teal, blue, silver and more and just glow when light reflects off them. We've wrapped each pearl generously with sterling silver wire and they are suspended by sterling silver chain. They are a generous 3" long and will look gorgeous all dressed up or show them off with a pair of jeans for a bohemian effect..head turners they are. Oxidized and polished to finish. two pairs only...each pair will have subtle variation.

3" long