Large Sterling Silver Floral Pattern Hoop Earrings


18 gauge is a little thicker and sturdier than standard 20 gauge and is best suited for those accustomed to wearing earrings...choose 20 gauge if your piercings are new or tight

Large sterling silver hoop earrings with a richly designed floral pattern featuring flowers and spiral elements. Thick, chunky hoops with a luxurious presence. These very sturdy hoops are built to last and provide many years of wearing pleasure. A wonderful floral motif takes these hoops to the next level making them perfect for a dressed up occasion or to rock a pair of can't go wrong with these!

A rich oxidized patina highlights the design and provides depth. You can choose 18 or 20 gauge ear wires. 18 gauge is sturdier but slightly thicker than standard 20 gauge. If your piercings are new or very tight choose 20 gauge, if you are accustomed to wearing earrings 18 gauge is perfect.

1.75” tall

1.25” wide

6.5 grams each earring