Higher Realm Mixed Metal Earrings, Abstract Angel, Copper And Sterling Silver


Striking two tone earrings in mixed metals of copper and sterling silver. A contemporary, modernist take on the celestial winged effigy that has taken many forms throughout history, from the ancient Sumerian Annunaki, to the Seraphim of the ancient Hebrews, and the more current embodiment of the angelic form; these artisan mixed metal earrings are a tribute to the cultural importance of such imagery, past and present. Several textures on the metals adds richness and oxidation brings the details to life by creating contrast. The earrings have great movement and sway gently as you move about. This is an eye catching pair, quite boho with a delightful rusticity and although modern have a touch of antiquity about them. This pair would go nicely with contemporary clothing and look fabulous with rich textiles and ethnic influences. Perfect for those that love mixed metal jewelry and this pair is easy to mix and match with other copper and silver jewelry.

1.5” tall x 1.25” wide, lightweight at just 4.5 grams each.