Bronze, Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ankh Pendant Necklace, Mixed Metal Egyptian Inspired Handmade Metalsmith Jewelry



Striking, large bohemian ankh pendant necklace in bronze and sterling silver. A vibrant pop of color at it's heart, the lovely little turquoise tear drop cabochon makes the piece look almost magical like an amulet from long ago holding mystery and power waiting to be discovered again. Inspired by the Egyptian hieroglyph “key of life” this pendant makes a statement with its contrasting mixed metals and is sure to be noticed, powerful with an elegant charm.

A wonderful piece for those who love the richness of ancient Egyptian mythology and symbolism, antiquity and the depth of mystery that surrounds enduring emblems from a time before. Bespoke and bohemian artisan handmade jewelry by Mocahete.

Pendant measures 1.75" tall to top of bail (disk is 1.5" )

Sturdy 18" sterling silver chain our handmade sterling silver clasp.

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