Argentium Silver Petal Earrings, Organic Floral Theme Jewelry


Curvy petals adorned with little spheres and a vining tendril of silver make for a unique and interesting earring, with an organic essence. The sand textured backdrop on the petal contrasts well with the sleek polished tendrils and spheres of silver and provides added interest and appeal. Large enough to be noticed but small enough to be comfortable. Handcrafted from argentium sterling silver, these dangle style earrings are as perfect for daily wear as they are for pairing with a special outfit for dressier occasions. So easy to wear and very lightweight for all day or night comfort. Finished with a deep oxidized patina and then polished to provide contrast and emphasize texture. These elegant earrings are a lovely gift idea for those that love jewelry with an organic, earthy or floral theme.

Earrings measure 1 and 3/8” long from top of ear wire and a little over .5” wide.

Lightweight at less than 3 grams per earring.

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