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About us

Welcome to Mocahete, Handmade, artisan metalsmith jewelry. We are a small family business (Sabrina and Dante) that started back in 2007, using our self taught skills, we built a small and proud business that continues to create beautiful pieces of wearable art meticulously crafted by hand with traditional metalsmithing techniques. Located in rural south Georgia our humble little studio is where all the action takes place, where designs are conjured, where the metal is transformed into a myriad of beautiful manifestations.  This wonderful journey has given us the opportunity to provide the world with a bit more beauty while helping us lead a more sustainable and meaningful handmade lifestyle.

We have an online store with Etsy since 2007 and have received over 2000 positive reviews from our wonderful customers.

To see more of our work and connect with us through our Etsy shop and our Facebook page.