Urban Tribal Argentium Sterling Silver And Nephrite Jade Earrings, Small Statement Earrings


Exotic, a bit fierce yet elegantly beautiful nephrite jade earrings in argentium sterling silver with a tribal vibe. The details including rivets, swirling ear wire hangar and a sand finished background with a mix of rustic and refined all add up to create an unusual pair of earrings that will be a delight to wear and garner attention from others. Artisan earrings that are on the smaller side but not to small and with plenty of oomph. Dress them up or wear them casually either way a pair of statement earrings to treasure. Artful adornment that will never go out of style!

Argentium sterling has a slightly higher silver content and higher quality than regular sterling silver and are more tarnish resistant.

Earrings measure 1.5" from the top and 1" wide.
Lightweight - under 5 grams each