Modern Mookite Jasper Earrings In Argentium Sterling Silver, Sleek, Edgy And Contemporary Statement Earrings.



Sleek and modern, argentium sterling silver jasper earrings are as contemporary as they are timeless. Evocative and commanding as if they could have come from a place of mystery and power, somewhere in antiquity or the future, who knows.... that's the magic of artisan jewelry. Beautiful wedge shaped mookite jasper cabochons with fiery red and orange colors and a streak of lovely translucency are set in fine silver bezels and framed in richly tooled argentium sterling silver with a pierced back allowing the stones to show their beauty on the reverse side. These stones are some of the most beautiful mookite we've seen and make an outstanding pair of statement earrings.

Each earring measures 2” long and 1/2” wide.

Most of our sterling silver jewelry is crafted from argentium sterling which contains slightly more silver silver content at 93.5% compared to traditional 92.5% sterling. Argentium is not only higher purity but it is more tarnish resistant, and is considered a more ecologically friendly material as it is derived from recycled/reclaimed silver content that is completely traceable.