Argentium Sterling Silver Egyptian Lotus Earrings With Large Deep Red Garnets, One Of A Kind Artisan Jewelry


Eye-catching lotus earrings of argentium sterling silver and deep red garnets to adorn your ear lobes. These beauties make quite an exotic statement and will add a touch of wow....perfect for those times when only a standout earring will do. Our love of the stylized lotus depicted in ancient Egyptian design is the inspiration for this one of a kind pair and many other designs we create.

They have a wonderful sand textured background with large luminous 11mm garnet cabochons embellished with sterling beaded wire and a flourish of decorative wire beneath the stone. Oxidized and polished for a beautiful finish. No other jewelry needed when you wear these! Artisan jewelry from Mocahete is always built with attention to detail and made to last for many years of wearing pleasure.

1.75" or 4.44cm tall and 1.5" or 3.81 wide.
8 grams per earring.